Who is Kyle Luebke?

I moved to Charlotte a few years ago from Minnesota, though my roots go deep in the Carolinas. I am a lawyer by trade, graduating from the University of Memphis in 2012 with my bachelors and the University of Michigan Law School in 2014. I currently work at a local law firm where I practice financial services law as well as have a robust pro-bono practice focusing on tenant and veterans advocacy.

I am the President of the Log Cabin Republicans of North Carolina (the largest LGBTQ+ Republican organization in the State), the Treasurer of the Mecklenburg County Young Republicans, the Chief Deputy Counsel of the Young Republican National Federation, and previously served as the Vice Chair of The Plus Collective – Charlotte Mecklenburg’s LGBTQ+ Community Fund.

I currently serve as the District 6 Representative on the Arts and Science Council South/East Community Advisory Board (appointed by Councilmember Bokhari) and have served as a Charlotte 2040 Strategic Advisor as well as a neighborhood representative on the UDO Ordinance Advisory Committee (appointed by Councilmember Watlington). I have stood up to corruption in our city and also drafted, alongside Councilmember Bokhari, the Republican non-discrimination ordinance protecting LGBTQ+ people and individuals with natural hair in Charlotte. I live in Beverly Woods with my fiance Bryan and our dog Asher.