Issues Impacting Charlotte


Volunteering at The Relatives

Housing is becoming more expensive in our City. For many people in our community, such as our police officers, firefighters, and teachers (the heroes that we depend upon every single day) homeownership in Charlotte has become unattainable. We are losing our heroes to Gastonia, Waxhaw and Concord. This is unacceptable.

As your Councilman, I will work to both incentivize the building of homes to own as well as ensure that our residents are not pushed out of their homes by unaffordable property taxes.

I will:

  • Work to implement a City property tax freeze for elderly and low-income residents.
  • Incentivize the building of homes to own.
  • Reform our down payment assistance program to reflect the realities of the housing market.


Whether you are a driver stuck in traffic on I-77 or a bus rider waiting for over 45 minutes for a bus, people who live in Charlotte know that our transportation system isn’t working. Right now, our Council is focusing on shiny projects like the Silver Line that are more about development than getting people where they need to be. We must prioritize a transportation system that works for everyone, and with my leadership I will ensure that addressing this pressing issue is no longer an afterthought.

I will:

  • Focus on ensuring frequent, fast, and effective bus service. This includes building out BRT routes on key transit corridors and ensuring that no route has less than 30-minute wait times.
  • Review current road network to understand traffic bottlenecks and address with targeted policies.
  • Work with CATS to expand our Special Transportation Service coverage so as to ensure that every Charlottean can get around our city no matter their physical limitations.


Kyle Luebke with small business owner Ashley Bookout

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the Charlotte economy. Though the City has had great success attracting major corporations to move here over the past few years, we need to ensure that Charlotte is a City where small businesses can thrive.

As your Councilman, I will work with the small business community, the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, and local Chambers of Commerce to ensure that small business have a seat at the table in any discussion on new regulations.

I will:

  • Establish a commission to review current regulations and make recommendations for updates.
  • Prioritize small business voices when discussing regulatory updates and/or programs.
  • Work to break up the RFP process and ensure that more small businesses are able to access City procurement opportunities.